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In the ever changing world of politics and news it’s difficult at times to tell the difference from fake news, real news and so many websites are smothered with advertisements. This is something that is not a problem for our new client Bobby Eberle, the CEO of His website provides top news storys, visitors can interact with each other … Read More

Born Gen-X and Creative Minded


Born Creative 7 Years Old - Scott

So, I was born Jan 28, 1965 and at 7 years old I moved to the family farm. Worked hard in the garden with my grandmother while grandpa worked the 500 acre farm. We lived poorly in the middle of nowhere between Thrall and Taylor in Texas. No matter what you might learn in college or paid training in a … Read More

Be Unique Just Enough To Win

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Be Unique

Be Unique A HUGE Congrats to #SamPerry who was not afraid to be unique with his approach compared to other performers on the show. Some complained that he was not singing. LOL, look at the mic and all the voices, sounds are his. He won, you lost – boo hoo! How does this relate to websites, online businesses? Simple, too … Read More

Automated Social Media – How I Do It

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Automated Social Media

Automated Social Media Here’s how I do my website promotions. Keep this secret! LOL 1st thing you need to think about is what you really need from your website. Most will say “sales” and that’s really most that are reading this post now. Thank you for being here, I won’t waste your time as I tend to keep my post … Read More

Lead Generation Bot Just Got Real!


Lead Generation Bot

Lead Generation Bot We just launched our own 1st Lead Generation Bot on our website and loving it! We’ve already experienced excellent results and got some great feedback. One of the best things is we can create a bot for each landing page! As well as contact forms and lots of other options. You’ve not seen anything like this, maybe … Read More

Optimized Hosting for Speed, Speed and More SEO


Optimized Hosting for SEO

Optimized Hosting Let’s face it, times are changing and for those of you who are actually reading this article you most likely have been testing your websites using Google Speed Insights Tool. I highly advise that you consider optimized hosting. I salute you for advancing your knowledge even during these days of instant gratification and other things flying around in … Read More

Webmaster Forum v7n

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v7n Webmaster Forum

Webmaster Forum Today, I’m sharing with you something special and dear to my heart. As webmasters, newbies and even established businesses we seek advice from others, feedback and help each other. When I 1st started out I joined the forum thinking I’d promote my business while helping others as you get a signature in your replies etc. Well, back … Read More

Social Media The Wrong Way

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Social Media

Social Media To us, Social Media advertising works best as it is one of the easiest ways to start promoting your online presence for little or no money. We here at Snerdey Web Designs have experienced amazing results with our combined efforts. It’s one thing to create lots of accounts, profiles, about us, photos, details and obtaining likes from friends … Read More

Perfect PHP Coding Is Not Optional

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Custom PHP Coding

PHP Custom Coding When you think about it some websites really have a lot of outdated, incorrect and even missing coding. Especially when it comes to HTML, CSS in regards to style changes and functionality. Today, we’re all about Custom PHP Coding and how to make sure your website does not have negative impact codes or mistakes. Typical WordPress Website … Read More

How We Track Marketing Efforts

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Live Chat

How We Track Marketing Efforts These days there still remains a lot of unknowns on how to Track Marketing Efforts. One can easily get lost in all the mixed results. How did that item sell? Which ad was it? Was that an organic sale or a banner ad? Of course not everyone needs to their track marketing efforts. Many rely … Read More

Why Snerdey?

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Snerdey Web Designs

Why Snerdey? Easy, I’ve been in customer service, sales and support since I was 7 years old. You learn a lot mowing other peoples lawns.. trust me! Also, I’ve tried to work for about 40 other places, 7 in one month as I just could not fit in even at Fortune 500 corporate careers. After 9-11 decided to pack up, … Read More

Snerdey is Celebrating 15 Years of Service

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Yes, it’s true we here at are celebrating 15 years of service! Opened our doors online in 2004 and absolutely committed ourselves to success. Many have asked what’s the secret, there are no negative complaints online and lots and lots of long term as well as repeat clients. Easy! We treat our clients like family. Honest, upfront and no … Read More

Throttled Marketing and How It Works


Throttled Marketing

Throttled marketing might be a phrase you may not have herd of before. In most cases, marketing is vital for a business to keep busy, but at times the increased leads can strain a department with a domino effect on other departments. Without this method any business can suffer if this is not kept in check! What is Throttled Marketing? … Read More

Great Website Expectations

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Great Website Expectations

Great website expectations, what is wrong with my website? What makes your website better than mine? Why is it that I’m not gaining new clients from my website? Let’s take a step away from the website and think this way. Say you want to go to a poker party with friends and play for peanuts. There are some common things … Read More

How to speed up WordPress for Free

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Wordpress Speed

This is simply the best out of box cache plugin I’ve ever used to improve WordPress speed. Soon as it was installed and activated the basic options increased the speed many times over. Overall it also improved speed test results to green or A+ score. Free or Premium There are two options as one is Free and other is Premium. … Read More

Creating New Website


Create New Website

Creating New Website Creating new website takes focus and attention to detail. More times then others the business owner ordering the website has specific request. Like favorite colors they want incorporated into the design. Today, I’m going to provide some examples of what I’ve discovered over the years. How we’ve lost sales due to trying to educate the owner that … Read More

Featured Project = AMBC

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Featured Website Project: Antioch Missionary Baptist Church What an honor it is for any business to have a long term, repeat client that also spreads the word to others that seek website projects. The project today is great one and for wonderful people that work and also attend the AMBC which is a great church located in Illinois. This is … Read More

100% Free Chat Software

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This s a review of Free Chat Software ~ Snerdey

After years of using many different platforms for communicating with my client, employer clients as well as my customers website visitors. There are lots of live chat software and even combinations of other communication software bundled together. It can be confusing, expensive. Of course there are other types of live chat software like plugins to WordPress or other websites. … Read More

Join the Snerdey Family!

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Affiliate Information and Programs Hey there! Yes, indeed I’ve sold way more than $10 million not only for 1 company but for many companies. My best advise to you if your a new or existing affiliate of any company is to monitor your efforts. Your own ROI and manage your own checkout or someway of making sure YOUR getting paid … Read More

Child Theme Configurator

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Just how important is a child theme in WordPress? Child Theme Configurator WordPress comes with some excellent free themes and you can even select more themes to help your website look the way you want it too. Nowadays there are many professional themes to select from. Club memberships, free themes but there’s a common concern about using ANY of the … Read More

What Are Website Tags

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Tags are like keywords when looking for a search result or group of related information. Sorting in directories, knowledge bases. On just about any website is a search, blog or some type of information. When the author writes an article then makes it live well, without tags or “what this article is about” so in short you could say it’s … Read More