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Designing and developing websites for businesses, ecommerce communities organizations, military and government educational institutes.

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We make websites look and feel the way our clients want them. Homer, loves his moving logo cash register monitor.. website is based on the cash register!

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Here at Snerdey Web Designs we take a unique approach to developing your online presence. What's the secret to our success? We Listen! We're not interested in 1 trick pony, not looking to take anyone's money and run. We're in this for the long haul.

Not too many Web Studios can say they have clients that remain with them since project one. Repeat business, referring friends and trust is absolutely the key to our success. Since 2004 we have provided clients with over 3,500 web designs globally.

Projects start from $89 a year to complete online stores loaded with products, clients and lots of orders! Anyone can be a web designer using free options online. If you're serious about making a difference.. keep in mind that you get what you pay for!

Full Service Web Solutions

Keep in mind, it's YOUR website and YOU have choices and lots of choices indeed. No need to have domains in one place, website in another and even database in yet another account. We'll do our best to help you organize and keep all in order. You can visit our partners below to do it yourself too as we've been affiliated with HostDime for over a decade.

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We're Locally Online

This phrase is something that just says it all. No, we do not come sit next to you at your desk in your home or office. Something even better is what we offer our clients. No need to cover travel expenses, flights, hotels or even take time out of your busy schedule for a couple hours meeting to learn how to edit or manage your website. There's really no reason to learn how to build the car when all you want to is get in a drive it right?

No, we will not turn you into a web guru overnight. Yes, we can provide you with the absolute best way to manage your website in few steps as possible. Showing you while on the phone and demonstrating via live online meeting  how to edit your website while your at your computer, logged in and walla - learning on the fly!

If you decide this method is not for you, we of course offer website managing starting at $300 / year and up so you'll have a dedicated web guru monitoring your website and keeping it updated. Contact us to learn more about how this works.