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Webmaster Forum Today, I’m sharing with you something special and dear to my heart. As webmasters, newbies and even established businesses we seek advice from others, feedback and help each other. When I 1st started out I joined the forum www.v7n.com thinking I’d promote my business while helping others as you get a signature in your replies etc. Well, back … Read More

How We Track Marketing Efforts

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How We Track Marketing Efforts These days there still remains a lot of unknowns on how to Track Marketing Efforts. One can easily get lost in all the mixed results. How did that item sell? Which ad was it? Was that an organic sale or a banner ad? Of course not everyone needs to their track marketing efforts. Many rely … Read More

Snerdey is Celebrating 15 Years of Service

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Yes, it’s true we here at Snerdey.com are celebrating 15 years of service! Opened our doors online in 2004 and absolutely committed ourselves to success. Many have asked what’s the secret, there are no negative complaints online and lots and lots of long term as well as repeat clients. Easy! We treat our clients like family. Honest, upfront and no … Read More

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Affiliate Information and Programs Hey there! Yes, indeed I’ve sold way more than $10 million not only for 1 company but for many companies. My best advise to you if your a new or existing affiliate of any company is to monitor your efforts. Your own ROI and manage your own checkout or someway of making sure YOUR getting paid … Read More