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Hey there!

Yes, indeed I’ve sold way more than $10 million not only for 1 company but for many companies. My best advise to you if your a new or existing affiliate of any company is to monitor your efforts. Your own ROI and manage your own checkout or someway of making sure YOUR getting paid for each and every single transaction going via your link or page etc..

Here's a little peek at the best emails ever 🙂
Sorry - per affiliate program terms we're not allowed
to show details so much is blacked out.

Well, in theory that works but in the real world. You will have a hard time finding the most perfect setup “out of the box” and if you did. Ahh, yeah please comment below.

Regardless, here are some of the affiliate teams we are participating with or for etc.. depends on the individual account as they are not all the same. Take your time, be prepared as it’s not just a click and go in most cases. If you have any questions let us know.

~ Snerdey

From our HR – Snerdey Page

Global applicants are welcomed to apply with us or any of our partners below.


  • Please see the application details
  • A website that you own or manage.
  • Marketing Abilities
  • Promotions
  • Advertising
  • Socializing


Once an approved affiliate, you’re ready to start promoting and flipping some serious coinage!

Join the Snerdey Family
Using the links above means that you were referred and connected to us via the 3rd party affiliate software. This is your KEY to being part of the Snerdey Family. We’re a mix of partners, clients, suppliers and webmasters as well as business owners. Nothing official, but if you need something business related.. well, you simply ask us and we’ll check if any of our Family Members are a match to your request. What’s the cost? Nothing, it’s FREE with any purchase so there’s no actual cost to be a Family Member.

Want to Support the Snerdey Family?

Give till it hurts, we’re always feeling the pain of others. Everyone of us. So, this donation whatever you donate will be used at the next randomly selected orphans home. During the last two weeks of Dec we travel to a few and sometimes it’s simple boxes of chocolate to lunch with sandwiches and fruits. We typically contact and ask before coming. At times, during Santa’s visits we ask a few days before. Please write the #1 thing you’d like to get as a present this year. To be  honest, a little scared of the request before hand but the results were amazingly honest and pure. So, we love this feeling.

To learn more about it check out #helpsnerdeyhelpothers THANK YOU

Happy to assist you with any link you seek from us. Hopefully, it’s an image you can take below and your welcome to use as is but if you modify please comment below for approval as it is our copyrighted logo.

Link to – a specific page like Free Quote or our home page. No spam or BS websites, we’ll report and remove and it’s such a time killer. So, we ask you respect some basic SEO and use keyword like … Affordable Website Design … Custom Website Design … Freelance Webmaster

Share Socially Online
Comment below if you shared our services with the url so we can see it too!

Tell A Friend
Yeah, but if you know .. like, you know! They will be not good clients then please accept our “we’ll pass thank you” – LOL
Honestly, we provide a fantastic service and support since 2004. We love our clients, hope you find us some new family members.

Buy Stuff
It helps us continue what we love to do. Besides, family helps family. This is a two way street – Hello 🙂

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But if bad, my goodness please contact us so we can mend the fence partner!

About the Author:
Snerdey was there when the internet started. Today he’s still creating hosting websites for clients. New comers to the web, startup businesses all need a helping hand now and then. Those who seek to expand their knowledge. Start a new adventure in the online world. Sure, lots is going to the androids with apps, programs and whatnot but to us we do our part to make you look good on whatever platform your visitor is using.

PS – Let us know if you’d like a copy of our eBook.

Sharing is #HelpSnerdeyHelpOthers

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