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Tags are like keywords when looking for a search result or group of related information. Sorting in directories, knowledge bases. On just about any website is a search, blog or some type of information. When the author writes an article then makes it live well, without tags or “what this article is about” so in short you could say it’s equal to an about us page.

Tags we use for Snerdey.com on this post today are written in real time on the fly. Once we completed talking above we can go to the article menu or post menu in WordPress and select or create new tags. Then whatever you decide to set in your own website will show up on search results, blog pages as you can have more than one blog with tags for each or even combined.

Think beyond blogs, think what do you want, need a website to do for you or your company website project?

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This articles tags:

24 Hour Support
We’ve provided our clients with this since 2004.

Custom Website
Yes, using a flexible theme with built-in visual builder allows us to create your website the way you want it.
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Divi Theme
If you want to do it yourself, please visit the link below as it will help us and others. We’re an Authorized Affiliate of Divi Theme and we’d love to have you as one of our partners, clients and even have services like hosting, domain names and more. So, even if you’re a DIY we’ll – we’d be happy to assist you if your busy, stuck or need a helping hand. It also #helpsnerdeyhelpothers 🙂

Freelance Webdesign
Yes, we offer it quoted or by the hour (online meeting) the website the way you want it.
Price: $145/hour (Paid in advance for 1st time order)
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We use HostDime they have been the best for us since 2004. We’re an authorized affiliate and it would be great if you signed up and join our Snerdey Family of Affiliates! We do not have to be competitors, we can team up with the end result being awesome client experience. Then, repeat! Contact us once you’ve signed up or have any questions.

Live Chat
Of course, we’re on Skype it’s best for us as well to use for our overseas clients. Our user name = Snerdey

Snerdey’s Blog
Long time ago, yes.. I created a blog and had no idea the result would take me on such a ride of my life. I’ve not really updated the old blog but I have created a new blog on this my actual website. Guess it was a good idea to have it on BlogSpot and my website without same content – nothing duplicated.

Our sales team is ready when you are! No pressure, no stress just the best price and we’ll do our best not to be TOO excited as we love our clients! Once you Join the Snerdey Family you can totally relax in regards to your website project being the way you want it before launch as it’s beta tested and approved by you 100% before activation. Of course, during activation sometimes there’s an edit or two you know? Happy to adjust as we also do not seek to nickle and dime you to death do us part – LOL. We’re in this for the long run.

Yeah, dang it I need to create a blah blah blah page about me but for now. If there’s something specific you need to ask me, email me at scott@snerdey.com and I’ll reply directly.

Support Department
Using our contact form is the best way, those are 1st in line above sales as we dispatch all request. Scott “Snerdey” Lawrence is monitoring all request 100% on a daily basis. So, there’s no chance we’re going to drop a ball or provide some crazy excuse as to why your logo was not updated! We’re here for you 24 / 7

Toll Free
Since 2004 we’ve provided this same phone number 877-619-6609 for our USA clients to contact us regarding new projects. Mostly since we travel so much we’re on Skype via “Snerdey” so it’s really there for the newbies, new clients to reach out and we’re happy to take on many more new clients as we seek to double if not triple our size in 2018. By the way, check out our HR Page.

WordPress Themes
We’re an authorized Affiliate of the Divi Theme which means we’ve gotta do it right! And with Divi, it’s easy to do it right and look great at the same time. Yes, we’re paid if you use the link provided here to purchase the theme directly and do it yourself as we’re affiliated. If you do, please comment below and let us know how it’s going? Snerdey provided Free Support to our direct clients or those who purchased via our link there is a support forum and supplier has main support. So, yeah.. you’re NOT ALONE whatsoever!

WordPress Plugins
Is a plugin causing your site to break? Having trouble finding the perfect plugin? Is your plugin outdated, obsolete or missing it’s coder? Contact us and let’s talk about what that plugin(s) were doing for you. Maybe we’ll find a new path, new solution and we’ll talk with you about it for FREE via our Free Consultation offer.

Worldwide Sales and Support
Yes, 100% – 24/7 we’re here even when your sleeping 😉
+1512-481-7353 Texas

If you’re interested in using any of these tags / services please contact us as there are lots of options for most website projects. We’re also promoting our partners, affiliates and some of our own services. Do you have something to add? Let’s talk about it.

Sales Team
Scott will be the one that does the Free Consultation himself. He’s a hands on kinda guy and simply will help you or refer you to another if your project is not something we do as we’re not afraid to say no.. but, if we do we’ll try our best to find someone you can talk to about it. We’ll of course do our best to make a match within! Just saying.. so you’ll know ahead of time before you fill out this simple contact form to reach out.

About the Author:
Snerdey was there when the internet started. Today he’s still creating hosting websites for clients. New comers to the web, startup businesses all need a helping hand now and then. Those who seek to expand their knowledge. Start a new adventure in the online world. Sure, lots is going to the androids with apps, programs and whatnot but to us we do our part to make you look good on whatever platform your visitor is using.