Web Design Labor Rates


Snerdey Web Design offers custom website programming for clients and we welcome new clients. Our normal rate is shown below and we recommend that you reach out to us and talk about the project. We offer wide range of service, package deals and can create a custom deal just for you. Totally depends on what your specific needs are.


Website Programming Labor

Is offered at many different levels as it depends on the project. Specifically the platform and the your project requirements. We normally seek additional information even assign more people to a project based on the time frame required. We’ll do our best to help you and not take you all the way to the bank while doing it! TrustPilot | Testimonials

Service Rates

Web Design Labor = $45.00 / 2 hour min.
Customization Coding = $70.00 / 1 hour min.

VIP Account = Custom as weekly, monthly rates vary in amount based on task.

Before requesting our services, please contact us and let us know what you need as we’ll provide the best price possible!

Startup Website powered by Divi = $89 Today

Includes a new or your existing .com domain name, 1st year basic hosting, emails, seo software, fast loading, responsive website!
Renew next year for $89 is up to you! contact us for details as our quotes are always free.

Did your webmaster abandon you?

If so, let us know as there are many ways to approach these cases since we do not know the situation. It’s best to reach out to us before making any purchases. If we’re not able to assist you, we’ll do our best to find a partner who can! Paid website programming labor or our services are to be considered a non-refundable digital labor provided to assist you with your project. Changes, modifications, adjustments will be provided via free quotes as always.

If it’s urgent, call us toll free at 877-619-6609 anytime.