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$140 is two programming hours which is our minimum order for new accounts. It’s normally enough and we do not auto bill you for extra money. It’s a 1 time, non-refundable service we offer and you can invest more when your ready.

We specialize in Wordpress websites that are blogs, business websites as well as e-commerce sites. Idea is to not let our clients down and we do that by focusing on what works and we’ve stuck with it for over 15 years!

Your website is not WP?
Contact us for a Free Consultation – let’s talk about it.

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Exclusive service provided by our SEO team that keeps up to date with the latest in automated software that is designed to provide excellent results based on your unique content and keywords etc..  We’ll install Yoast Software and setup the basics.

We’ll test your website speed and install, setup a couple of plugins that are free with option to go Pro. But, we tweak it enough to make the free versions work good enough for the 1st SEO Push.

If you prefer that we manage your SEO for you request a Free Consultation before you proceed as we want to make sure we can meet or exceed your expectations.