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Monitor shows an actual client website, guy with beard is a stock photo purchased from Fotolia is a growing business and we invite you to apply for full or part time positions for remote work anywhere in the world.
(USA Approved Countries Only).

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If you would like to apply to become part of the Snerdey Family, please send details about you and (include CV via PDF) to 

If we think we found a possible match, we will reply to you.

As a courtesy to our clients, partners and investors as well as mentors we'll place openings working directly for their projects, businesses or they simply might be seeking to invest. Logos will be indicators (hippo is us) as we continue to find ways to #helpsnerdeyhelpothers

Either way, if you find a new career via Snerdey then you're part of our family!

Best of luck to you and yours!

Looking for a CTO to team up. Provide shares to this person who’s to become the CTO longterm.

The project is being developed in:

  • Node
  • Typescript
  • Angular Stack

Must live in Kiev, Ukraine.
Ability to create a successful team to handle the project. This will be based on an existing successful business model. 

More Information?
There are more details, please connect with us if you’re a match. We’ll be happy to provide via a signed NDA.

Facebook is best for this opening.

For Example:
Development of the minimum viable product is already scheduled and is in progress, but here is what should be done after the launch.

  • Conneting popular Japanese stores to Misona platform
  • Connecting more shipping and payment methods
  • Creating warehouse system
  • Creating marketplace functionality
  • Creating Misona API for third party integration

We are looking for someone local in Hutto, Texas USA.


  • Laptop (Fast)
  • Andriod phone
  • Internet Home / Remote
  • Enjoy Helping Others
  • Educating Clients
  • Live in Hutto, Texas
  • Your own transportation
  • Drug Free
  • No Drink and Drive
  • Great personality 🙂
  • Non-Student
  • 21 or older *


Typing correctly for chat
Good spelling
Good listening
Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)
Desire to learn more about websites

* Age requirement is the fact that some clients serve booze and some are bars.

If your under 21, we might have something for you in future or sooner just send us your CV see instructions to the left side of the screen and let us know more about you and your goals.

Looking for a few good direct sales people from around the globe.

Updated Dec 25, 2017
8 to 7 as we’ve located 1 new member.


  • ­­ USA Approved Country
  • ­ Experienced Out/In Bound Sales
  • ­ Website Knowledge – Helps
  •  WordPress – Prestashop
  • ­ Laptop or Desktop
  •  Internet Access
  • Quite desk, room to work from.

Apply with any of our affiliations below.


  • Please see the application details
  • A website that you own or manage.
  • Marketing Abilities
  • Promotions
  • Advertising
  • Socializing


Once an approved affiliate, you’re ready to start promoting and flipping some serious coinage!

We love our network of clients,  partners and affiliates. 


  • What can you bring to the table?
  • How can you make a difference?
  • Do we need you, you need us?

Email me directly with what you’d like to discuss regarding your project or ours 


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