How to Turn a Crypto Hobby into a Career!

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How to Turn a Crypto Hobby into a Career!

Like many others, actually most of us who are reading this pretty much missed out on the Bitcoin rush. Some cause they not listen, some did not believe but I think pretty much most just never heard of it.

Regardless of what your experience, background or anything this article is maybe not for you but for someone you know or even a group of people. Today, I’m going to share with you how you can actually mine for coins for free. Yep, I’m not going to ask you for any money. Like so many others “pay me to teach you” as if you join my little team then this will happen.

Before we get started.. here’s a little information to help you understand why you should continue ready and be ready to take notes, create a schedule and prepare yourself or your complete family members or even your entire office place. With the bosses permission, I know you’d collect enough coins to pay for coffee for some, eventually the office for example.

Why is it FREE?

Simple, there is always a catch but that’s not from me. You register on a handful of facuet websites that give you coinage for tiny task that take a few seconds per hour. As getting free coinage (this slag for % of a crypto coin) and no this is not get rich quick. Keep in mind – zero investment and no money.

Let’s get the basic step completed and understand the rules of what I’m providing is support, assistance and even have lots of ideas to help as many as I can and collectively we can help more so the main rules are:

  1. Always please use my google links (they are affiliate links) converted to a Google Short URL as it provides a report how many times clicked per day. Nothing about you.
  2. I personally do not collect any of your information whatsoever. Via various faucet websites they have their terms of service, cookies etc.. all is basic but make sure you read them as it’s very important to make sure your country is allowed to participate. Don’t waste your time earning coinage if you can’t collect them.
  3. Follow the faucet rules, come back 15 mins, 1 hour some are 24 hours. This will help you earn as much coinage as possible each day you day.
  4. Baby Steps this is not fast money, we’re going to start with opening the main account we’ll use to mine coins and yes, it’s free. It’s not 100% auto pilot – yet, but if you work the hobby correctly.. it can easily become a career.
  5. Do not risk the coinage earned for any offer to double it, spin to bonus as you already worked for the coinage. Don’t gamble it away as you want to build up these few accounts with coinage you can withdraw and place into the miner account.
  6. This is not investor advice as you will not invest any of your own money. I’m simply sharing with you the results of my research over the past few months of chasing the golden egg err.. coin 🙂



Cloud Mining Account
Visit and sign up just the basics and keep it real. User name, it would be good to make it something you can remember, it’s also public so the pool can help each other and build our little community with no money, no deposit required.

Once logged in you’ll notice lots of popular crypto coins, we’ll get to them later.
— Select top left to Mining (GHS 4.0) (do not select other coins yet)
— Now it will reload website, it does that with each change so be patient.
— From the main menu, click on Products then drop down select Faucet
— You’ll notice lots of ad’s focus on the center read the top message as it’s loading yours.
— After a couple of seconds you’ll see this below:

Please wait…we will be redirecting you shortly

Visit this page once a day to receive free Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ripple, Dash, Golem, BitShares, CureCoin, NEM, Monero, Zcash, Factom, Bytecoin, STEEM, Lisk, MaidSafeCoin, USD, Gridcoin, and Ethereum Classic. Faucets are free ways to earn coins with no risk to get started. You can search on the web for other faucets, but be careful, not all of them are reputable and honest.You will be awarded with free coins in whatever you have chosen in the “Mining” dropdown on the top left of the Account page.

Wait for the section asking you to type a couple of words.

Since I’ve already entered mine, I get this message below to come back after a time limit of 24 hours each. So, this is important not to miss a day and you’ll want to do it at the same time each day as much as possible so it’s not when your not able or asleep. If you miss a day, it’s ok the clock will start again when you do it.

You have already received the Faucet reward for today (or another user with your same IP address), please come back in 14 hours! 


Increase Mining Speed by earning more free coinage we’ll use a few different websites to get things started.

Visit this link to get Free Coinage (like above) but this is how deposit coinage to the miner account without using our own money!

— Enter basic info, verify email and you’ll notice it’s asking you to verify your human.
— Create your wallet address we’ll use it for the depositing fund to the miner account above once we get 100 coins.
— It does not take very long to get 100 coins if you really put your mind to this and of course please get some sleep.
— You can spin for coins each hour and the browser if you keep it open will show a counter inside the tab!
— You can also turn on a sound indicator.

I’ve waited the 15 minutes and now will show you how much I earned.. by the way, this is Day one for me using this above. I can’t promise anything about the internet so please spend your time wisely. Soon as you understand how this is working of course you can build your own pool of people collectively working together helping each other gain more coinage! If your not into doing it on your own please share my page with friends, others you could use a new hobby 🙂

  • Notice, the time was 15 min 1st then went to 1 hour so since this is new to me I’m noting the difference as in my image above said 15 mins.
  • This article is an ongoing project and will be updated from time to time.

Don’t gamble, we want 100 coins as it’s min amount to withdraw. We want to speed up the miner.. it needs coinage 🙂


Open another free faucet account for more coinage.

Visit this link and enter basic details, verify account and take your 1st coinage!
— This one you can play each 15 minutes.

Visit this link and enter basic details, verify account and take your 1st spin!
— Each of these two coinage spin accounts have a counter reminder option.. even play a sound but one is each hour and the other is each hour.

Now you’ll want to do this for about a week and if you need more time that’s up to you. Goal is to get the free coinage sites to the min withdraw amount to deposit into the miner account we created. Once we have that miner account building up the SHA 260 to a good speed then we’ll select a coin to mine.

While the miner is mining automatically for us.. you, it needs to be feed. So, you continue to build up more speed with your deposits repeating the process.

Once you have mined enough to have some actual value you will want to make a withdraw from the miner account to your exchange or paper wallet or whatever it is you would like to use the coins for and by the way.. that includes transferring those earned coins to credit cards, banks, exchanges etc.. yeah, it’s real money!

Cool huh!

Why did I write this? Something not correct, please comment let’s talk about it. As for why, well I consider this OJT – on the job training to learn myself a new skill. And if you follow with me and continue to learn, share your experiences we’ll all benefit from our efforts. I used to put puzzles together when I was a kid, model plans, boats but it always cost me money to buy it.  Sure you’ll need a computer and internet – heck, there’s free ways to get those too but that’s not my specialty.

I’m a freelance web designer who loves a challenge.. now, back to my own faucet of creating websites. If you would like a website, hit me up I can help you save money and can provide a complete startup website with domain, hosting and cool website for very little coinage 😉  or Paypal if you already have your budget ready. Starting price is $350 and up for basic business information website. Simply depends on your project and I’ve been doing this since 2004.

Have a Good Day!

Sponsors and or Affiliate Accounts that pay me a referral coinage!


UPDATE less than 24 hours later..

Most recent 10 transactions all automatic 🙂


Sharing is #HelpSnerdeyHelpOthers