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Happy Holidays Everyone!

Each year my wife Evgenia and I travel Europe and whatever the country during holidays we’ll visit a local children’s home. We’ve done this for 4 years now and simply thought.. why not ask others to #helpsnerdeyhelpothers too? Great idea!

#1 – No asking you for money.. read all options before you pass judgement please 🙂

It certainly will help if you simply want to take part in providing orphans, homeless, abandon parents, animals, food, electric, gas and we also provide those in need with fresh eggs, chickens, goose, ducks, pigs and even a goat. All donations are put towards the year of food or operational expenses we encounter such as taxi, train, bus, hotel etc.. normal for transporting the supply and demand. We simply do it on another level that is shines the brightest path towards freedom from living without the basics.

#2 – Yes, you can donate Bitcoins

Send to:

#3 – Yes, you can donate via Paypal
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Whatever amount you wish to send, receipt will be sent to you via Paypal in real time as possible.

#4 – You can 100% do the same yourself.
Even without any money, get involved in your local community however you can. Phone, emails, support you never know. If there’s something you enjoy doing and do not ask for money to do it. YEAH – that is paying it forward. If you decide to help others, please comment below with photos, story and link to your blog, website.

Of course, today this is not a popular hashtag we simply created it to connect our Instagram, Facebook and of course our Website.

No Spam Please

Now, go on and give a little back to others. Complete strangers and not just some random bum on the drunk bench – you’re funding the booze. No disrespect to anyone homeless. Just, we’re focused on the orphans hope to add good memories of acts of kindness they will one day give to others.

About the Author:
Snerdey was there when the internet started. Today he’s still creating hosting websites for clients. New comers to the web, startup businesses all need a helping hand now and then. Those who seek to expand their knowledge. Start a new adventure in the online world. Sure, lots is going to the androids with apps, programs and whatnot but to us we do our part to make you look good on whatever platform your visitor is using.

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