Doge Coin 0 to Millions

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Sharing is #HelpSnerdeyHelpOthers


This has to be the most value compared to say BitCoin. Yes, I can say this and here’s why. Those who have lots of BitCoins – do they help others or themselves? Enough said, I not the research or time to argue that information as it’s not the focus of those who own BitCoin – more power to you!

Those who own and support as well as LOVE the DOGECoin then you already know this information I’m about to share in my blog today.

Does a Crypto Coin need to be 8k to be worth something or have value? Depends on how you look at it as I’m comparing the most valued coin to a coin that is currently $0.003 at time I’m writing this quick FYI.

DOGEcoin is all about social media and working together to help others all over the world. Just by owning some coins your helping put food on the table, medical supplies and even bug nets to help control malaria in poverty countries.

This is the coin powered by the people, a community that works together helping others – not themselves.

If you would like to start owning DOGE you can do it with 0 investment by Mining. Something I’ve been doing as a hobby after an operation I and not big into television. I’ve tested lots of free sites and been burned many times as indeed it is buyer beware.

If you own lots of DOGE you can actually invest on a website that pays 4.5% daily. You can withdraw once you reach 50 coins. Your deposit must be 100 DOGE. Actually, it’s best is to re-invest each time you reach 100+. Keep in mind, you should deposit at least 105 as there are fees from your end visa versa. I’ve been testing many faucets and this one 100% works. Here’s my referral link

I’m sharing with the web this information as to what I do with my DOGE coins. You have a choice and this information is not asking you for money. You should seek legal advice before investing in any venture you seek to gain as most loose.  If you sign up using the affiliate link, the website pays a small % to us if you make a deposit or re-invest.  For more details you can check on their website as we do not control the website

Sharing is #HelpSnerdeyHelpOthers