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Common Questions and Answers

1st Most Popular Question:
Typically New Website Startup Begins at $450 and Up.

2nd What's Included:
1 domain (.com,.net) or Transfer Existing Domain
1 Year Hosting on our DataServer (Florida, USA)
1 Premium Wordpres Theme
Responsive and Optimized
Cpanel Hosting
Unlimited Email Addresses
Mobile Version or Compatible
Online Builder / Editor
Installation and Setup
10 Initial Business Pages
Edit / Modify Your Logo to Fit

3rd: Online stores start at $750 and up.

It's important to get it setup correctly, tested and checklist completed best possible before launch or even going live.

4th: Turnaround Time:
Normally 5 - 10 business days to complete depends on client providing content for wording, images and details.

5th: We specialize in WordPress and Prestashop.
But we can pretty much provide you with whatever your project requires. Majority of the internet websites are based on WordPress.

6th: Do You Have and Hourly Rate
$145 US / Hour for Emergencies. Otherwise, most is quoted and approved before the work begins.