How to speed up WordPress for Free

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Wordpress Speed

This is simply the best out of box cache plugin I’ve ever used to improve WordPress speed. Soon as it was installed and activated the basic options increased the speed many times over. Overall it also improved speed test results to green or A+ score. Free or Premium There are two options as one is Free and other is Premium. … Read More

100% Free Chat Software

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This s a review of Free Chat Software ~ Snerdey

After years of using many different platforms for communicating with my client, employer clients as well as my customers website visitors. There are lots of live chat software and even combinations of other communication software bundled together. It can be confusing, expensive. Of course there are other types of live chat software like plugins to WordPress or other websites. … Read More

Child Theme Configurator

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Just how important is a child theme in WordPress? Child Theme Configurator WordPress comes with some excellent free themes and you can even select more themes to help your website look the way you want it too. Nowadays there are many professional themes to select from. Club memberships, free themes but there’s a common concern about using ANY of the … Read More