Why Snerdey?

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Why Snerdey? Easy, I’ve been in customer service, sales and support since I was 7 years old. You learn a lot mowing other peoples lawns.. trust me! Also, I’ve tried to work for about 40 other places, 7 in one month as I just could not fit in even at Fortune 500 corporate careers. After 9-11 decided to pack up, … Read More

Featured Project = AMBC

Snerdeyhelping others, pay it forward, Website Makeover

Featured Website Project: Antioch Missionary Baptist Church What an honor it is for any business to have a long term, repeat client that also spreads the word to others that seek website projects. The project today is great one and for wonderful people that work and also attend the AMBC which is a great church located in Illinois. This is … Read More


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Happy Holidays Everyone! Each year my wife Evgenia and I travel Europe and whatever the country during holidays we’ll visit a local children’s home. We’ve done this for 4 years now and simply thought.. why not ask others to #helpsnerdeyhelpothers too? Great idea! #1 – No asking you for money.. read all options before you pass judgement please 🙂 It … Read More