Born Gen-X and Creative Minded


Born Creative 7 Years Old - Scott

My mind in 1972 - Age 7


So, I was born Jan 28, 1965 and at 7 years old I moved to the family farm. Worked hard in the garden with my grandmother while grandpa worked the 500 acre farm. We lived poorly in the middle of nowhere between Thrall and Taylor in Texas.

No matter what you might learn in college or paid training in a web design school you'll learn more from failure in life. That's just a known fact and it's exactly how I learned and where I am today is because of not listening to others who knew "more" than me. Now, they are the ones hiring me or have gone out of business. So many invest too much time and money only to loose it all at the end so indeed I do my best to avoid pitfalls and tread lightly.


No you do not, you just need to be you or represent yourself or company as you would in person the same online. Don't show you're top pro, fake information or anything that will cause your new client to go.. hmm, wait a second here. Honesty will get you more than anything so don't waste too much on a cool logo.

As for my logo, Snerdey well it's very personal and most likely too unique but at the time it was after 9-11 and I was laid off from AOL it's my user name for email. When I decided to buy a domain name I checked and it was not taken.. surprise! LOL but, when I searched online it was 0 results. Lightbulb idea, I'll measure my results via searches as my site grows. It was just how I thought.


While growing up everyone shook your hand when 1st meeting, purchase something or even selling something. It was just how things were done and that's worked for me with Snerdey for 15 years now. Matter of fact, if someone insist on a contract with me for a website project.. well, I just send them on their way to someone else as it's not how we do business here.

Contracts protect both sides from failure. We do not need that, we're all about doing the job right the 1st time. Besides, you'll pay us 100% in advance and we offer affordable solutions as we want you to come back for more. We also want you to tell your friends about us so there's noway we'd allow failure.


Like my drawing above, it's purely from my imagination and took me 15 minutes to draw as we certainly did not have all those things.  Just knew that I wanted my own business from a very young age.  I was mowing yards at 7 years old for my pocket money. Then  grew into washing cars and cleaning houses until I was 16 and started my own magazine business.

Look at the houses, cars, bikes and even peoples clothing. Ever look at something or someone and think.. wow, that's really odd or no way I'm going in there. Same with your website, don't over do it. Keep it simple but also informative and by all means do not copy others. Write your own content in your own words.

So how do we work for you?


We need to get on the same page and totally understand what you're looking for in your website or what's going on with the current site. Once we have good path and plan of attack we'll quote you for Free.

Compare your notes, your ideas to what we propose and reply back to us with what you want to proceed with as we most likely suggest stages to consider. It's your project, your money not ours.

Once your happy with the scope of the project we'll send you an invoice via Paypal as we only use that for 15 years and not going to change that. You can however wire a payment. 

Everything we do is pre-paid as you're reserving our time. There are no refunds on any of the digital services we provide. So, we've got to do it right as we do not like to have any problems either.


Most of the time we'll install the design on our server and place a coming soon page so only you and we can see the site while we create it. Even once it's live there's on the fly editing to correct things instantly.

You can have your logo, description and contact details on the coming soon page.  There's also an option to collect email addresses to alert people once the site is online and ready for business.

You'll need to provide us with the content, the text and images for the pages. You can use your own camera or get free images from a website like but please do not download from search if you not permission to use them we will not add.

Normally the  coming soon page is up and running with in two business days or less just really depends on the project. Some do not need them . Idea is while it's in the works you need to keep search engines aware of your intentions.


Takes about 1 - 2 weeks for most projects to reach this point mostly due to waiting for content. Please check your spelling and make sure your images are correct sizes. We'll provide guidelines for you to follow.

Once we're ready to go live we'll notify you and ask your permission. If your not ready, it's ok just say when. Once we flip the switch we'll need to go over all pages, test links and verify all is in working order.

Updating the website is easy but we prefer to do it for our clients as if you break the site we're not going to fix it for free . Most of the time there's a working backup and we'll show you how to do that.

Adding pages, photos, etc.. is really easy but it's not everyones game. If you find it frustrating not the time to manage. We'll make you an offer to be a VIP client and you'll pay a little more for peace and mind.