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Comments from viewers.

The 1st email we got back was from our friends at KEYE News Austin.
They are trying to get us on the air!


We got several calls on this and contacted an entomologist at the Texas Cooperative Extension Office. She said that the spiders are most likely "ballooning."

She says it is the normal process where a spider shoots off long, silken thread so that the wind can carry them away to a different location. Sometimes, the spiders are migrating to a different climate or habitat. Other times they are looking for a new food source. And sometimes, they're just looking for a mate.

We wanted to run the video we got out in our parking lot at 10pm but we may not have time for it.

In case we don't air it, I hope that helped.

Thanks for watching,

Rob Marroquin
Assignments Editor

We replied to KEYE

Rob, Thanks for letting us know. We are going to keep this site up for people to see and send any pictures they may have. We hope you air it... we heard that it was all over central USA today.

Thank you,

Snerdey Webs!

Unknown Sender:

Latest word is that the Spiders were seen in Georgetown, Texas and landed all over the Hutto, Texas.

Thanks Unknown!

Slim in California.

Hello Everyone!

Here is a link to a site with pictures and information about the Spiders.

I found this on the Bohart Museum website.

Thanks Slim!

Snerdey Webs
November 5, 2004
1:15 PM CST

Just for grins we took our new little camera outside and started to catch some more pictures.. the video we caught is outstanding!


Snerdey Webs

Dude that's very weird.  You gotta send that here...
That'd love it.


Thank you very, very much!

Thank you Justin.. I sent in the info to CoastToCoast -- wonder if they will see what we see in this video. I think a lot of people still have no idea what it was flying up there.

Great idea!

Snerdey Webs

Hi Snerdey,

I posted one of your images and a link to your page on our Listeners
Email section on the homepage. Thanks much for this contribution.


Thank you very much Lex!

WOW -Thank You Lex!! .. Here are some of your listeners comments. Seams that everyone was pleased and some relieved to see that they were only spiders =)

We are on the Front Page of!

Most Excellent!

Snerdey Webs!


Hi, I'm in DFW area and we got a lot of them here.  I was really surprised by these things when we first moved to Texas.  They were EVERYWHERE.  Just the other day, I laid down on the concrete in my back yard and just watched the sky, and there was sunlight reflecting off these things and they were high up there.  The only thing I can relate them to is the ending of Charlotte's Web, then animated movie, when at the end all the baby spiders fly away with their web strands.  Kinda silly, but that is the first thing I thought about.


Thanks OBJWAN!

I live in Hidalgo Texas and I saw many  of them but no one believed me.
Thanks 4 the info!


Thanks AGAKU8!

I saw two of them the other day while working at --------- which is just on the Northwest edge of San Antonio. They almost looked like little parachutes.

Thanks David!

Hey, found your site way of Coast to Coast AM. Yeah, last Friday afternoon some of my friends mentioned on seeing these 'webs'. I went outside and saw one coming down, I grabbed one, because I'm crazy like that, to feel it. Knew it was something other than spiderwebs, but didn't speculate to much more into it.

Mark G.

Thanks Mark G!


I live in the D/FW area and witnessed the stuff hanging from light poles and such last week or so.. I wonder, did anyone actually see the spiders that were supposedly making these webs?  must be an awful lot of spiders to put all that stuff out.. im in my 30's and have never seen that before around here.. I saw on a website im a member of "chemtrail tracking" other people reporting on the same thing..could be something other than spiders maybe.


Thanks Chris!


I thought they were spider webs at first as well, except, they not only very in size, but also speed and direction and some looked so much higher up than the rest. I highly doubt these are all merely spider webs. Some of them seem to be accelerating in or out space. I also use the house to block the sun technique and it is amazing! I've been doing this for over a year now and have shown other friends. They thought I was crazy until I showed them. The thing is, unless you block the sun, you really can't notice them.


Thanks for putting up this site!


Thanks Oahn!

I'm not sending you this to ask to use your films, just to let you know that I too have seen these things. I live in central Oklahoma. (about 30miles ESE of Okc.) I saw thousands of them 2 weeks ago. I didn't know what they were, but could tell that some of it was silk. They were all moving south. They were also at all different heights and speeds. I don't have a video camera (sure wish I did!!) but if I did I could get some really good footage. Just to let you know. "They're coming from Kansas!!  AAAAHHH........".    Just kidding.  :) If I ever get some pics or video, I'll send it to you if you want it.


Thanks Marty!

Are you sure they are spider webs?  Has anyone taken samples to an entomologist?  Has anyone photographed the tiny spiders?  The reason I ask, is because if the webbing is found not to be from spiders, then it is probably from aerial spraying at high altitude by the government.  It could be a gel that is used in the atmosphere for part of the HAARP project by the government.  Of course it could be spider webbing, but if it is descending from very high altitude, then probably not.  If it is spiders, then have some samples of the webbing tested and get some photos of the spiders.

R P Henry

Thanks RP!

Hey Snerdey!

I have a story and an idea about finding even more spiders and webs of great length ...

I was clued into what these guys are doing about 20 years ago when I worked as a switchman for a railroad company in Jacksonville, Florida .
Since I don't remember the exact date time etc I will surmise a best guess : 

On the night shift one dark morning maybe 2 or 3 o'clock a.m. probably the beginning of fall ( September or October ) - let's say 1984 . I was riding on the very front of the locomotive - directly under the big beam of the headlight - while we were slowly passing by a sidetrack that had some boxcars stored there for a while - I spotted a single strand of a spider web that was above the light of the engine .  I could not tell just where it came from or went to but it appeared to start 20 feet high or more in the trees on the left of the tracks and angle down towards the boxcars on the right .  I don't know if it ended on one of the boxcars or went past them into the trees on the right . It must have been 30 - 40 feet long minimum .  I remember wondering how the spider did that and why doesn't it break in the wind from the movement of the tree limbs etc . I bet if you use one of those bright beam hunting lamps and go out in the woods at night - that you would see webs go across large expanses from tree to tree maybe .


Thanks Ed!

love your interest in sky watching. I noticed these balls of light streaming across the sky after a report on Art Bells show at coast to coast 6 years ago. A news reporter at channel 8 in Dallas did a report on tease flying objects and the government cover-up machine fired back at him claiming they were nothing but spider webs. They lie as usual tease balls of light have been reported sense ancient times as reported by Eric Vondanakin in the Movie Chariots Of The Gods. Let me show you a clip of a ball of light passing in front of a Stealth Fighter. these balls are unified fields of energy used as transportation this ball is the size of a city buss. Shot this full video in Terrell Texas Oct20 2001. These balls of energy are invisible most of the time and can only be seen when backlit by the sun.

Seagoville, Texas

Thanks Tom!

I have been seeing these webs for 3 days now in Navasota, Texas. My first thought was migrating spiders but there would have to be millions of them taking flight at the same time. I have heard the chem trail military conspiracy theories and never thought much of them until I saw this.
I found a website with some very technical sounding information about what these are. I don't vouch for the sites authenticity because it is a conspiracy site but they do describe these webs as one meda used in some experiments.
I am happy with the spider explination but ya have to wonder.


Thanks Dave.. 2nd in a row!


AWESOME!!!  Seen some pretty wild critters having grown up in the Hill Country, but have NEVER seen anything like that!
Cool site!!!  Thanks for the information!
Dave Puckett
Bee Creek Communications, Inc.
Office: (830)990-0388
Mobile: (830)456-2264
Check us out at:
Thanks Dave!

Hi! I live in Missouri and work at ----------------- Correctional Center- a very large prison. I worked this past weekend, Nov. 6 & 7. I noticed a lot of "cob webs" outside and took notice that the guards and inmates were talking about all the cob webs in the air. When I went to the locked down unit, where I work as a nurse, the chain link fence was loaded. Every loop hole had 4-6 strands of web in it. I sure wish someone would e-mail me back. I cannot take a picture of it because cameras are a definite No there.

The entire fence was just loaded. It looked like Halloween! Spooky. I am very aware of earth changes and coming chaos, so I am very aware of these things. I have seen several UFO's over the prison, but I am a sky watcher. The vibration level is so different there I think the extraterrestials are trying to figure it out. WHEW! I totally loose my sense of direction in there and I have heard a couple other employees have the same problems. North is South and God only knows where South went.


Reply Sent =)

I hope everyone in the world has read or seen the book/movie "CHARLOTTE'S WEB".  The end of the book explains your spiders to a tee!  They must be a lot of little Charlottes!


Thanks Peggy!


Saw the pictures on Coast to Coast web site this morning. I'm really glad someone is writing about this. I live directly east of you in central Louisiana and over the weekend I saw millions of these things flying around, getting caught on car antennaes, and poles. It was really weird.

Do you remember about two years ago when some weird webs were caught in power lines in Galveston, Texas. Those looked thicker than spider webs. It was very odd. I even wrote a letter to the editor of the Galveston County Daily News and asked them to investigate.


No, we do not remember ourselves.. but someone else might!

I believe what you saw was Gossamer. Spiders build them to travel with the air currents.
Herb, Hot Springs Village, AR

Thanks Herb!

Hey Snerdey,



Thanks Rod!

Angle Hair from the sky!

I saw the same phenomena the first day of Autumn '04 in San Jose, CA.  I noticed dozens of them falling to earth from a high altitude.  The thing that got my attention in the sky that morning was a white "flying wing" going directly overhead.  It may have be the cause of the phenomena.  There were also lots of aircraft in the sky that morning.  I viewed dozens of the web streamers coming straight down many feet long, with balloon like bubbles on end.  The bubble ends were the size of a football and the strands between 5 to 20 feet in length.  A 5' long one floated into my neighbors back yard.  There were also smaller web bubbles floating down.  I caught one in my hand and it was sticky like a spider web, but evaporated soon after contact.  One large strand caught in the tree in my back yard and lasted for several days.  


Thanks Robert!

Hey I'm out here in San Marcos, TX and last week my son played football in LLano and the webs were flying EVERYWHERE!!!  Just thought I would let you know!!!!

Keep it up  :-)


Thanks Kathy!

Hi, I saw these this past Monday while out smoking at work. I saw the larger white balls as well as the strands. I have seen these on numerous occasions over the past 10 years. it has to be a clear day with deep blue sky. also, for some reason, the wind is usually blowing quite briskly.

runner2000, Georgia

Thanks Runner2000!
( You should take some photo's next time and send them to us. Ask your friends if they have any )


I couldn't help but notice a dark blue blotch in the same place off to the upper left of the sun in pictures 1-3 in the second set of photos on your page. could it be Planet X? Still very fascinating. I'm from Massachusetts and have not heard of this phenomenon. thanks for posting!

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Great site!

Thanks Don!
Turned out to be a spot on the camera lens =)
E.N.I. has been Plugged!

1st Email
They are what they seem, spider webs modified for flight for spider use to migrate. It is that time of year.

2nd Email
They are what they seem. The spiders are migrating. All natural, nothing odd about this one.

Space Technology

Thanks Jack!
Nothing odd is right .. but not all know about this still =)

This link should solve the mystery. We have them in Okla.  late summer and fall of the year.
 Hunter, Okla.

Thanks HK!

Hey there Snerdey,

I am glad I found your web site. I can't tell you how glad. I live in So. Ca. , and I have been seeing these webs in the sky for over two years now. The only person I have told about this is my wife. She doesn't even take me seriously. I tell you it's the one of the most bazaar things I have ever seen. Big extremely long webs draping down from 1000 or more feet up. Anyway I'm happy to know I'm not the only one!

Great Web Site!


Thanks Dan!
Very Cool -- and Funny!

11-08-04,  Hi , My name is Jim B. and I too have been seeing what you are describing here all summer long up to this past week.   Hundreds of thousands of spider webs constantly flying through the air.  I am a UFO sky watcher and this is how I noticed them.  Some UFO's release what has been called "angel hair"  and since I think I have seen this coming off of  a few sphere sightings this summer I have wondered if there is a connection? However, I feel that what I have been seeing is true spider webs.  But why so many?  I also don't see any spiders attached to them ? I called the local zoo and they no longer have an expert on spiders. The webs are very long too. Some appear up to 10 feet? I have heard the spider population is very high this year. I also remember seeing them like this last summer. They probably are spider webs but lets keep an open mind to something else since we seem to be just noticing so many!? 

Saw your story on Coast to Coast web site.


Jim B.
Sherwood ,Oregon

Thanks Jim!

Hey all,

I was surprised to find this on the Coast to Coast 'web' site.....(haha...couldn't resist!!)  I live east of Guthrie Oklahoma and saw the 'web fest' all over the place a couple of weeks ago.  I hate to break everybody's bubble but I've seen these spiders flying around just about every year since I was a little boy (I'm 39 now).  Some years there aren't as many as this year but never the less, it happens around here every year.  I was surprised at the amount flying around this year.  I came home after dark the first night it started and my headlights on the truck really lit up the gate to my farm that looked like somebody had sprayed Silly String all over it. I grabbed a handful off the gate but only a few spiders remained with the webs.  Most of the others had probably launched new webs and flew off.  The webs around my place were all headed northeast due to a southwest wind.  I used to hate when they would come in like this really thick, and I would be hauling hay at night.  You'd be sitting on the hay load going down the road and get a face full of cobwebs all over you.  Nonetheless, I love everything about nature and always smile when I see these guys speeding off to somewhere new.  Sure gives a person a true sense of freedom.   Terry

Guthrie, OK 

Thanks Terry!


I could not help but to take note when I read some of what you were presenting concerning spider webs and the odd things coming out of the sky.. let me tell you! I don't have pics of webs or white stuff coming down and if I had taken a few pic's they most likely would not have shown much or no more than yours.. but I'm excited about this.

I lived in N.C. not long ago (my hometown).. one day ..well actually more than that back several months ago I observed.. just as suggested.. with the sunlight and the building...something very similar to what you guys are talking about.. white things zipping through the air.. things that looked like snowflakes or white flakes. Once, I caught a few and one just split in my hands, discentegrated like ash.. I thought maybe that was what it was but on numerous occasions I'd see these things coming down. Most did not pay any attention but I sure did.. now at 53 I felt quite silly trying to catch 'em and even sillier telling some about it. I tried to save some fibers but most were lost or there was not enough of it to do anything with.. I sent some to a friend and she sent it back, could not see it but I tell you it was there!!!!!!! in small pieces.

I wondered if it was stuff coming from some manufacturing plant as that area (at one time.. not so now because of Nafta and Gat ) had lots of manufacturing plants.. hosiery mills and the like. I wondered if it was coming from that, I wondered if it was some kind of seed pod.. once I caught something and looked at it through a low power scope.. It turned out to be a tiny feather.

Wow, I thought.. I may be onto something here or seeing what others are seeing.

Once while waiting for my cab.. below where I worked.. it was dark and I was looking just below the bright lamp on a post and I saw stuff coming down.. If I moved I could NOT see it at all!!!!!!! only in the brightness of the lamp. I saw moths but this was different!! Then lo and behold I saw a shiny web like strand fall down to the asphalt below.. I wondered if it was a spider web.. then I saw another...there is something going on either in minds like mine or it's a real phenomena. I don't think I'm capable of making this stuff up in my own mind and I really want to know the TRUTH.

I think ballooning spiders are fascinating too.. they have found them on jet aircraft.. it is kind of strange when you think about it that they can just sail away to such heights with a single strand.. if that is what these spiders do.. wow.

If I'm crazy then I am not alone!

Sincerely and thanks for the site on


Thanks Joan!

Thanks for making me laugh!

I just wanted to say that when I watched the video of the spider that came near landing.  I was laughing so hard..  I mean I’m from the state of Vermont and never seen anything like it.  WOW!  Spider do now these day want to travel.. Ha ha..  Keep up the good work and I’ll keep on watching.. It’s too cold and snowing in Vermont to have something like that… 


Thanks Brian!
Laughter is the Best!

We have them here in Central Calif. also. ---------------- A couple times before our recent storms have arrived, I've gone out after work and my truck looks like a prop from a Holloween party it has so many all over it. Have found a couple of the critters trying to take up residence in the truck bed after landing also.. In the span of 9 hours that it was parked near the tower, they had put quite a few back and forth over the truck bed from rail-to-rail. Don't know the type of spider we have here doing it. They are pretty much colorless and aren't old enough to resemble a grown spider to identify yet.


Thanks Scott!

I'm in Maryland, and we don't have those kind of spiders here ( least that I know of ), but if you get or rent the animated movie "Charolette's Web" at the end the baby spiders come out of the egg and start shooting out webs and fly away. Thanks for the cool pics.


Thanks Andrew!

I live in San Bernardino, California.  While standing in my yard sorting the mail, I noticed a ribbon of light moving from the southeast to the northwest.  It was such a weird sight that I stood there transfixed.  I watched wave after wave of these bright ribbons, as though they were tied to invisible kites, move across the sky above my house.  I couldn't tell whether they were close or far away, nor could I determine, at the time, why it was happening.   

I don't know if it was the movement of the sun from behind the sycamore, or the shifting of my body, but suddenly I noticed that what I was seeing were spider webs either anchored to the sycamore, or jettisoned from the tree.  When the webs moved from the shade of the tree into the sunlight, the sun's rays seemed to ignite them, the webs gleaming as they reflected the noonday sun.  

PS: saw your article on .  If I can capture a picture of this phenomenon, I'll send it to you.

W. Hunt 

Thanks W. Hunt!

Yep that is what I am , now can you post more pictures of the flying critters? My pc is not working very well and it is difficult to get video to come in without taking FOREVER and choppy at best.

 P.S. we have had flying spider webs here in mo. as well, some pretty huge. Noticed it for the past 3 years or so....



Thanks Julie!
Great idea .. added smaller videos already.. will have more pictures soon!

hi, first, let me say that spiders are my LEAST favorite insect besides, well, insects. if I saw one flying towards me there would be much screaming and running. I have never seen anything like that! new species?? some kind of mutation?? very strange...and I live right outside of Dallas...I know strange. thanks for the video!

~Donna G.~

Thanks Donna!


Thanks Joey!
Stay turned to the site for more about the Spiders!

Steve, Tucumcari New Mexico. Back in the 50's I remember spider looking webs hanging from the street light wires. In 1955-1956 young kids walked the highway, no one had a car back then, in the summer time I remember seeing large webs hanging from the electric wires on the street lights, some of them would reach all the way across the street. No one knew where they came from or what they were. It lasted for several weeks. I have never seen it since.


Thanks Steve!

I find it fascinating that spiders even know to do this. One guy actually watched a spider land and take off again.


Thanks Unknown!
Yep, I'm the guy!

I believe you have spiders flying through the air in Texas - but the pictures surely don't show them very well. In the tree picture I could clearly see the webs - but not against the blue sky.  Good try anyway.


Thanks Gail!
Trying to get more pictures everyday =)

Two months ago a couple of local ultra-light airplane pilots from Shoestring airport at Shrewsberry Pa. told me this story about running into clouds of flying spiders while flying in Virginia.

They said that they tried to climb above them but they were everywhere. They said that it got that bad that they had to land and clean themselves and the planes. Then wait two days until the spiders had moved on. I thought this was a very strange almost unbelievable story until now that I've seen your website.


Thank You Rick!

Hello Snerdey Webs,

I've been in study of this recent phenomena since it's initiation in 1999 as a joint project between the US and Canadian military agencies.  (At least that's when they went full force in this initiative). I have air our results with William Thomas (investigator and journalist who's served in the gulf war) on local the Vancouver Canada radio network known as CFUN the same time (1999) that WT was on Coast to coast AM with (at the time) Art Bell. They are the product of "over the horizon radar" chaff with components which include ethylene-dibromide, quartz particulate under 10 MICRONS, barium salts and aluminum-dioxides as well.  Keyword: ChemTrails or Chem-Trails. This project has already gone public as of 2001 thanks to a contact in Victoria Canada.  One aspect of this is to (we suspect mainly) assist in the holding off of "global warming" by placing highly reflective white bands of particular dust in the highest atmosphere, which seems odd to us because global warming is not purely caused by Human hand in the first place - so it's like trying to stop a train, fully loaded, with your nose.  "Ouch!". :)  Hope this helps you a little.  Good luck reality as this becomes more and more public.  (They never asked us or told us about the high risks to Human lung tissue and internal absorbsion of this "product")  AKA: Project: Cloverleaf.  PS: Clinton signed the initial reports for congress for this future initiative.  (Which became solid in 1999)

We have satellite, ground-to-aerial shots and chem-web sample-pics we can show you as well.

Links to additional photos:

If they are down change the "Reptoid_27" to "Reptoid_28".  :)

In Magickal Truth,

Thanks.. Reptoid!

If there are no spiders but only webs coming down, I can help you out with that mystery.

Trish from Boise, Idaho

Thanks Trish!
We have asked Trish for more information.. will post it when we get it.

Hello! You guys can post this or not – I just wanted to say that I do believe in a lot of strange/paranormal things but you can clearly see the spiders in your pictures.  I think some of these people need some serious help with the conspiracy theories that they come up with!. (ooh I have an idea – maybe they are little robot armies of enemy invaders taking over the United States….only seasonally… ; ) )



Anyway it is a little hard to see the webs in your pictures but they can be seen– especially when there is a spider hanging from one end.  Amazing as it is – I didn’t think it would be that hard to believe that these are nothing except extraordinary creatures of this earth, not OTHER than this earth.


Great site – keep it up!


Faery C

Thanks Faery C!

Hey guys,

Here in upstate NY, Lake George way, ...well, we/I have not seen anything quite like this, however, we do have something equally as mind-blowing.  I have heard of some  people in the SSW US reporting about gigantic wasps, until this summer it was just another story, a few co-workers and I found this one to one and a half (my memory is a lil' fuzzy as to the actual length) inch long, completely black wasp/hornet/whatever (looked like a really big mud wasp), flying around in the restaurant after-hours (closing).

Pretty freaky when you really sit down to think about it, flying-spiders; giant wasps, maybe there is some form of evolution or mutation occurring with animals (these ARE animals, mind you) with exoskeletons. (insects, arthropods, etc.) Just a thought.

 _ ~
 o 0

P.S.> Found you on the coast to coast site, in you video I couldn't seem to make-out the "spider's" legs (honestly, all I could make-out was a large black dot / insect / 'spider' / whatever ), I'd really enjoy seeing a video with a lil' clearer picture - if anyone has one or knows where to view one.

--GF, NY

Thanks Ben!
Try the Mac version of the Video.. it's clearer and you can d/l the player free.
Cool Face!

Found these post and comments today.. people are really talking about this web site or have really interesting views on these spiders.. keep up the excellent work!


Thanks Unknown!
It's really cool that everyone is telling people about our site
Thank you very much!!


Thank you so much for putting this on the web;). Friends and family thought I was crazy. I had seen flying spiders when I was a kid growing up in the Panhandle of TX. Not in mass, just one floating by every now and then. While living in Ft. Worth in 86-87 one spring I looked out my window and thought it was raining silver. The sky was filled with them. It lasted hours. No lie. That evening everything was beautiful. It looked like silver gilt covered everything you looked at. Gorgeous! That's saying a lot since I have a phobia of spiders. Now I have proof that this thing happens. Thank you so much for the time and effort to put this site up.

Most of all THANKS for sharing.

Gwen H

Thanks Gwen H!

This is an interesting story but a totally natural phenomenon. I grew up in Texas and have seen spiders "ballooning" all my life. I read "Charlotte's Web" as a small child, so I guess I just took it for granted and was never amazed. Last spring, I was sitting outside with my girlfriend in the Waco area, and one landed on the picnic table right in front of us. She was surprised, so I told her
how it works. What they do is: Spin out a long thread of silk. This acts like a kite or parachute. The wind or updrafts pick them up and they ride as far as the wind takes them. That's all there is to it folks. Simple, elegant, way cool, but totally natural.

Chad B.,
Texas State University Undergrad

Thanks Chad!
That's good to know..

Yes, webs are falling all over the country, but these webs are not due to spiders, but fallout from military operations that have been in force for over 5 years. If there are no spiders attached to these webs, that is most likely what you are experiencing. Do you notice the high flying jets over head leaving behind plumes of trails that do not dissipate?

Please check out Clifford Carnicom’s website at and

Link on to Government Crimes and Cover-Ups. You’ll certainly learn more than you probably want to, but all of us should know the truth.

Please keep in touch if I can be of any further assistance.



Thanks Patricia!
Very interesting indeed!

Team Snerdey,  I can't believe you made such a big deal out of something that happens on a regular basis, spring and again late  summer, wherever there are spiders - i.e. everywhere!

What's next??  Will you 'discover' leaves on trees???

RIchard in NH

Thanks Richard!
Na, funny you should mention that. Our leaves on the trees are looking a bit strange.. =)


I can see your point.. it's good. But, please read on..

Well, we have lived here for over 39 years. We have never even heard of them doing this before. The sky never looked like that. Sorry, But I do not know who you are and I do not mean to be rude in anyway. It may not be a big deal to you, but did you read the comments? Did you listen to what people had to say? You know, we looked all day.. only one spider and millions of the webs for 3 days.. Yes, we knew it was just spiders.. but, where are they all .. we should have been covered by spiders.

It was sent to CTCam because it was not common to get an actual video of the spider flying in and then see it shoot off more webbing.

THAT was the only thing we thought was cool so we sent it to them.

The website was just a way to show CTCam the video. It was just pretty much a blank page.. Then, once the viewers saw it .. well, it just grew. They claimed to only have seen it over 30 years ago. Childhood memories came alive. Spouses finally had proof to show that they were real. Some people were able to deal with their phobias. Kid's told more scarier stories at the camp fires. The world had something to talk about for more than 15 sec's .. and it was not about war and crime.

Hope this helps, it's the listeners and fans of CTCam that made it such a big deal and we have never even heard the show until now. But, we are HUGE fans now!

Thank you CTCam for making it a big deal of MOTHER NATURES flying spiders.

It's a free world we live in. It's just for entertainment and education as stated at the bottom of the page. Nothing more. We have not sold a photo, video no movie rights yet.. it's no big deal right?? Almost 100,000 thousand visitors in about 1 week, over 600 emails and counting .. only one complained.. it's a free world and you have every right to your own views on things in this world we all live in.

CoastToCoast -- THANK YOU for keeping an open mind.

Richard --  Thank you for your comments.

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Everyone here at Team Snerdey Webs!

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( Reply back from Richard )

The probable reason that you seldom see those web-sails is that birds and bats eat those little baby spiders nearly as fast as they hatch and set sail.  If they didn't you'd be up to your eyeballs in spiders and other creepy crawly things.  Around here in New England chickadees and tufted titmouse birds are probably 50-70% dependant on spiders for their existence. Another breed of bird, whose name escapes me at the moment, catches the spiders on the wing and also uses their webs for building their nests to lay their eggs in.


Dick in NH

Thanks Again Richard!
Now that is mother nature in action!

It's not just by pure luck that I found these webs in the sky. For 3 years now I have been been one of those crazy people who have seen ,and photographed ufo's and these things called rods. I'm really not nuts. I consider myself highly educated - AS in Comp Si - 20yrs working in the industry so far. All it took was one night about 3 years ago. Directly up in the clear sky. There were 2 wing shaped objects just hanging in mid air. Wild flashing lights. Not FAA light that's for sure. Blue - green - red - purple - , and a big white light that would get real bright then dim again. My wife and I watched these things for about 45min before they disappeared. And yes I took no pic's. I have been kicking myself ever since. Anyway now I'm like addict. I look up all the time. Sorry I got carried away.

Your friend Dan...

Thank You Dan!

Found an abundance of what appeared to be at first thought - cotton wood fluffy material floating in sky here in Ann Arbor Michigan.  But its late fall.  I too could only see the sky full of this fluffy matter when looking up in shade.  I can't say its a spider web material - more like translucent snow flakes. I bet the more people that see your site from around the county the more info you can get. Need Pictures - I'll go out tomorrow and I bet that crap is still floating in air.


Thanks Jim!
You bet, get more photos if you can!

Hi, as much as I think the spiders are neato, what the heck is that circular blue object in the sky? It looks too dark to be the moon. Have you ever heard of the 12th planet, or Nibiru? Could it be that? Maybe it is just the moon or something explainable. Has anyone else asked you about it or have an explanation for it? I would really like to know.



Thanks Nate!
Stay tuned for more .. we are going to look again.. but, we think it's just a spot on the lens.

what a bunch of cooks. I'm an avid coast to coast listener and you people are the reason why.  the fact that so many people are so ignorant of the world around them and so willing to make paranormal out of completely normal is much more interesting than flying spiders.  I'm glad you didn't listen to the entomologist.

Michael H

Thanks Michael!
Just for being a fan of this site and CTCam we sent you a Snerdey Webs Freebie!


About a month ago I also looked up in shade at the sky as sun light was beaming down and noticed huge amounts of fluffy matter floating down from the sky.

Today Nov 14, 2004 at about 11:30 a.m. I took some pictures which shows the fluffy matter I detected in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The matter was not as much as a month ago.

Curious I looked up using binoculars and seen shiny streaks every now and then what appeared as a spider web strand. It did not appear in snap shots. I was able to detect a strand on top a tree and photographed it using a telephoto lens as it shimmered in the sun.


Thank you very much Jim!

Have you ever caught one in a jar to have it identified? If not, you should
catch one or more and ask your county extension to identify the type it is.
And post close up pics of them as well as what the extension says they are
supposed to be. I have never see spiders of that size balloon before, and I
was born and raised in Louisiana, and now live in Iowa. Also, do you happen
to notice a lot of jet trails when the spiders show up?


Thanks Jena!
No, but that is a Great Idea!

Spiders From MARS!

You people are numb in the head: if you had ever gone outside before this, you would have realized spiders float through the air everywhere there are spiders and for as long as there have been spiders.  

Must be a nice and warm feeling to have your head up your butt, but pull it out on occasion and you will see there is a world out there.


Thanks Bryan!
There is no way, no way we could put our heads there.. it's just not possible!
But, just for making us laugh.. we are sending you a Snerdey Webs Freebie!

From PC

This is what I call type TWO chem-trail spray - those long plastic (non-sticky) polymer strands that are mistaken for spider webs that lay (not taught) all over the ground once these airborne threads land.  They land on everything and remain for days at a time, just sitting there in their rainbow sheen from the sun glistening off of them.  It's creepy all right. Spiders tend to build webs for one particular reason - to capture FOOD - and thus they have to remain tight and very sticky in order to capture their prey properly.  If the webs you are poking at are lose, haphazardly thrown about, non-sticky and perhaps even drifting around your open skies, then those are chem-webs, not spider webs.  This type two emission comes from the backs of KC-135 and KC-10 military jets from both Canada and the USA.  Some airliners have been recruited under "national security" to administer these same chem-webs - and it seems to have something to do with over the horizon radar reflections... but it gets far more spooky from there.  Excluding the 4-5 hazardous materials that these webs often contain, there's also type ONE spray that billows into elongated white plumes that linger for hours (up to 8 hours) at a time (unlike NORMAL contrails which last for only seconds) -- You can literally watch them turning the valves on and off as "segments" of these emissions remain for hours while other sections (of pure water vapor) simply vanish before your eyes.

The strangest aspect of these chem-webs is when we look way back into old stories of UFOs and such we read about "strange mists" and "angel hair" (hair-like white strands that drift from the heavens and are so fine they almost vanish when touched) that have often followed UFO (golden fiery chariots of the gods) sightings and then PRECEDED massive plagues or possible vanishings of entire populations.  The peoples of each era have written these sightings and events down only to find that by the time the next generation was supposed to pass on their lineage, they were suddenly no more.  Either sterility or disease had gotten them. (Or most of them anyway). And here we are, touching these things with our bare hands once again... which for myself, personally, almost cost me my life as I was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with "Gulf war syndrome" (micoplasma incognito).  Yea, another thing to live with while trying to survive this Earthly domain.  *sighs*  What a strange planet and it's people... mucking about with DNA pretty much constantly now, with the added bonus that this millennium the elite are dancing in circles with their controllers this time around in an almost overt manner.  Time to play that really dark creepy music as it suits the mood oh so well.

Good luck as this story unfolds deeper and deeper.

PC Reptiod

Thanks.. PC!
How much deeper is this going to go?

( A Japanese Website on the links below ) Will translate to English.. just allow the auto translation to update ) Very interesting story and the links are Excellent!

Hey Snerdey!

That's quite the sensation you've stirred up. I've seen the web threads for years, but never the spiders until I watched your clip. As a matter of fact, my boyfriend came home from work a couple of days ago with dozens of the single web strands stuck to the front of his truck. I live in Houston and apparently those puppies were on there when he left El Campo. Almost a two hour drive during rush hour. So not only are the spiders everywhere, but those strands are STRONG! Anyway, I found this very interesting site that covers the spider and UFO theory/phenomenon. It comes in PDF and HTML forms.

Also, the phenomenon is apparently an international one. I hope people know how to read "English."

Thanks for fun!


Thanks Ang!

Photos of Galveston Webs - 2002

There is a photo and story about these on this website in this link below. The power lines are covered in them.


Thanks Patricia!

( Collectively building a web ) -- HUGE!

Millions of Tiny Spiders Spin Mystery in a British Columbia Clover Field Website with Photos. -- Professor Audio Interview! 4:40 Min's Long - Excellent Information! ( Effects of different drugs on Spiders ) Weird Webs! Scientists at the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Test

Don't do Drugs!

Read the Story and there are several photos.. this one made our skin crawl.. there is even audio on it.

Don't be surprised if you feel your skin start to crawl too!


Thanks Ang!
I hope everyone checks this one out.. drugs are bad news!

Julie in OKC 10/10/07
Found your site through a google search, then a link from:

Yesterday I couldn't even get in my car because of those dam^ things!  They aren't just webs floating around--they have small spiders in them and they were all over my car!  Not only do they freak me out, but I'm allergic to their bites, so I was out there with a broom trying to sweep them off of my car and duck any still flying around me.  yeeesch!  My skin is still crawling! 

Julie in OKC

Thanks Julie!
Interesting how so many are freaked out by them, but to be allergic - feel for ya!

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