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The Web Graphics Creator by Laughingbird Software 

Ever wonder how they create those spinning cd's with cool graphics on them or those websites with really neat toppers called headers?

E-Book Covers - Spin them with ease!

The Web Graphics is a bundle of 4 products for you to use that will help you design custom images or you can choose from 200 that you can modify into your own style.

Just click on the box for more details from our friends at Laughingbird Software.

Learn PHP in just 11 hours! Click Here!
Learn PHP in just 17 hours! Click Here!


Simple PHP eBook
Learn Php in 17 days.
Simple PHP – Volumes I, II & III with Robert Plank

Enjoy "Common Sense" Guides written with
a "No Nonsense" Approach to learning
Simple PHP

Learn PHP with eBooks


Now in a few quick minutes & Less time than it normally takes you to create a web page, set up an autoresponder with subscriber form, and load in your ezines...

What are the volumes like?

  • You will find that Simple PHP – Volumes I, II & III with Robert Plank are packed full of information in an easy-to-read format, with all the PHP examples color-coded.

  • You'll discover "tricks of the trade" created and used by a professional you know and trust, Robert Plank, some his prime examples: Lightning Track, RedirectPro, TurboThanks, CodeWarden, Ezine Rocket, and Hypersplitter.

  • You'll read chapters written in an intuitive, interactive style with assignments to complete before continuing.

  • You will discover that both volumes are available as instant downloads. They come in PDF form so you can read them on any computer, even a Mac.

  • You will truly enjoy the conversational tone in the lessons that is refreshing and just like having Robert sitting right there with you, guiding you all the way through

  • You can also quickly and easily print the Simple PHP – Volumes I, II & III with Robert Plank ebooks, if you like, and enjoy hardcopy versions for yourself. Save them on a CD to use "on the go" or export them to a mobile device (like a Palm Pilot or tablet PC).

Now you can Learn PHP with eBooks

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