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With our custom editing the template can now become unique to your website. Even a medial template can be converted into a completely different business cause it's just a few images, changes and walla you have a different looking website than the template that someone bought the same design cause chances are it's a webdesigner looking to save time creating a great website about something totally unique from yours!

Snerdey Web Designs is based just outside the Austin, Texas area in USA. We also service 11 countries world wide so it's easy for us to assist you with getting the templates customized to not only your logos, colors but also the lanquage you need it created into as well. We also offer domain service, hosting as well as a full range of web customizations to assist our clients with getting thier website completed in a timely matter. We offer toll free customer service as well as our IT Teams in Texas, Florida and many partner services worldwide to assist us in our task to provide you with superior service.Some custom designs require more time than others. We are scheduling projects on a daily basis so please don't delay in contacting us so we can assist you before the deadline arrives.

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Custom Options

  Change Images

arrow Replace any images
arrow Change logo or company name
arrow Replace stock images
arrow Modify or remove image gallery

Custom Menu

arrow Additional buttons / links
arrow Additional content pages
arrow Modify menu look and feel
arrow Rollover effects on links / images
Change Page Content

arrow Change text or content
arrow Blogs, Calendars, Maps
arrow Changing overall color scheme
arrow Changing loop or fade out music

We would be honored to provide you with a free custom quote for your project.

Email us at info [at] snerdey [dot] com or call 877-619-6609



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